Language testing and multilingual access to education (53rd ALTE conference)

53rd ALTE Meeting & Conference in GhentThe 53rd Annual Meeting and Conference of the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) will take place in Ghent (Belgium) from Wednesday 24th to Friday 26th April 2019.

The conference theme is Multilingual access to education, with particular reference to the role of language testing and language assessment in education (primary, secondary, higher, adult education), concentrating on processes of access to education (entry requirements for newcomers and other learners, language certification of lecturers, etc.).


Conference on the problems of linguistics and linguodidactics in Moscow

Topical Issues of Linguistics and Teaching Methods in Business and Professional CommunicationOn April 19-20, 2018, the 8th International Scientific Conference "Actual problems of linguistics and linguodidactics of a foreign language of business and professional communication" will be held at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia in Moscow.


International Conference ´MOOC, language learning and mobility´ (Naples, 13-14 October 2017)

Naples MOOCs conferenceOn 13 and 14 October 2017, the city of Naples will host the second edition of the International Conference "MOOC, language learning and mobility."

The event, to be held at the University of Naples "L'orientale", will include reports, workshops and practical training sessions on research results and practical experience regarding MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), language learning languages and mobility, but also information sessions on initiatives and developments in these areas are supported by European or national programs.


Survey shows language travel industry is growing

ALTOsurveyGhent (Belgium), Giorgio Vassallo - What is the current status of the language travel industry? The results of a recent survey show important statistics about the business performance of language schools and education agencies.


Will EXPOLINGUA Berlin 2015 surpass the 10,000 visitor count?

Expolingua Berlin 2015 Ghent (Belgium), Giorgio Vassallo - EXPOLINGUA Berlin, the 28th International Fair for Languages and Cultures will take place in Berlin on November 20 and 21, 2015.

The language fair, which is the leading event of its kind in Germany , is poised to be a major opportunity for those interested in learning new languages and also to explore different language learning methodologies. 


Language learning: Innovation Prize for super simple concept

European Language labelLast week in the Flemish Parliament the European Label for Innovative language teaching (ELIT) awarded. The price did not go to a technological innovation, but to a particularly simple, natural and approachable project in Brussels in which sport contributes to the learning of foreign languages.


Modern Dutch Grammar (Handbook)

Modern Dutch GrammarAt Routledge (Taylor and Francis) is the book ' Modern ' Dutch Grammar appeared, a manual Dutch grammar by Jenneke Oosterhoff.


Taalcarrousels running at full speed

Taalcarrousels running at full speedFor newcomers who want to Dutch in Flanders or Brussels (or must) learning, there are many possibilities. You can sit in the lesson of course. Or to a conversatietafel. Or on a taalcarrousel. A what?


Examination of the comparability of taaltests in Europe (procurement)

The European Commission is a research to the comparability of taaltests order in Europe.


Nascholingen for language teachers to UCT Gent

The Gents University Center for Language Teaching offers early 2015 three nascholingen for language teachers.The University Center for teaching (UCT) of the Ghent University organises early 2015 three nascholingsateliers for language teachers.


Account Manager (vacancy)

BLCC looking for an account manager.


For teachers of privétalenscholen Inspiratiedag (11/10)

For teachers of privétalenscholen InspiratiedagFirst! A inspiratiedag privétalenscholen exclusively for teachers. How you vote you get Dutch lessons on the Brussels larger context of the business? The House of the Dutch Brussels would like to inspire on thursday, October 11, 2014. Because the Brussels context is "quite exceptional".


Permanent formation @HUBrussel

Continuing education in the faculty of arts the KU Leuven in BrusselsThe active taalprofessional which is committed with the own professional development, for a wide range training rightly on the Brussels campus of the Arts Faculty of the KU Leuven. For the new academic year are already twenty training on journalism, literature, English, writing, teaching, interpreters and translation, and foreign languages programd. A basic course copywriting and a (new) training on the translation of insurance technical texts already starting in October.


`Wereldautoriteiten in academic taalattestering` portfoliotest find good

Recognize Wereldautoriteiten portfoliotestThe Flemish Parliament adopted in the summer of 2012 a decree well to the use of other languages in higher education more flexible. The universities and colleges were already long party asking for more in English to teaching. In Dutch masters must now be taught half in English.

To monitor quality parliament adopted an amendment to that decree well: who in a language other than Dutch want to (continue) teaching, must demonstrate that he or she the foreign language at level C1 (according to the European Framework) governed. How Do? With an internationally accepted taaltest. That lap to many academics in the wrong way.

Equally, the highly international accepted IELTS test (International English Language Testing System) of the British Council in image, because the portfoliotest of the KU Leuven and the university-test for academic English could not on international recognition arches. The latter have now, however, the universities and colleges.

'Three wereldautoriteiten in the area of academic taalattestering have thoroughly during a visitation the Leuven method pros and cons - and be good,' says the Leuven vicerector Didier Pollefeyt in a press release, in which the KU Leuven not fails the taalattestering which the Flemish Parliament calls on whom in a foreign language teaches 'an unfortunate story of administrative interference'.


Trajectbegeleider NT2 (vacancy)

The Municipal Education Antwerp searches for a trajectbegeleider NT2.


Operated for welcome, administration and coordination (vacancy)

Eurospeak searches for a operated.


Dramatic expression in the les NT2 (workshop)

Dramatic expressi in the NT2 lesWho will learn a foreign language, should have the courage to speak. However, many people are faced with considerable difficulties. With taalspelletjes, theater, expressieopdrachten can you as a teacher at a fun way vocabulary and exercise judgment and so eliminate the considerable difficulties. Sounds good, but how do you start? Peter Schoenaerts tells the on thursday 5 june in a workshop on the KU Leuven - HUBrussel.


A Thousand guests to longest conversatietafel

Dutch practice, i joinOn saturday, april 5 formulated in Antwerp hundreds of people who are learning Dutch in an exceptionally long conversatietafel.


Impetus in the prices on bedrijfsfilmfestival

Impetus in the prices on bedrijfsfilmfestivalMore than 20 Limburg companies did thursday, april 24 in Kinepolis Hasselt a discard to a filmtrofee on the Limburgs Bedrijfsfilmfestival. Taalbedrijf ElaN Languages ( Heusden-Zolder ) won the first prize in the category of 'Product - Process' with the story of Joe, an ambitious young guy on the way to his taalles ...


Your taaltrainer in high-quality 3D-image to you table

Total Taalimmersie - Total Language ImmersionWho says remote language training company, thinks the phone, e-learning or Skype. All safe, but it does not feel real. But even if taaltrainer Try your trainee will be able to look straight in the eye via Skype or Webex. That could be better, they thought at Mastervoice (Temse).


Conference NT2 teachers looks very wide to NT2

BVNT2 conference on 23 and 24 may in NeedThe biennial conference of the BVNT2, the trade association of NT2 teachers in The Netherlands (and also a little bit in Belgium), this year is on Friday 23 and saturday, may 24, 2014 in Need (The Netherlands) account. Under the theme of 'Of NT2 to NT-wide' stand on this two-day conference tweedetaalverwerving, development, language support and language policy central.


BLCC (now also in Brussels) allows intelligent reader for

BLCC (now also in Brussels) presents iRead+Taalopleidingsbedrijf Business Language and Communication Center (BLCC) has since the beginning of april a base in Brussels. The new office, where language training can also take place, is located in the building of employers in the Rue Royale Antwerp-waasland Chamber in the center of Brussels.


Boris and Binti: cartoons for speaking toddlers (and their parents)

Boris and Binto: tekenfilmreeks for speaking kleutesKetnet, the jeugdzender of the Flemish public television, is now sending out a tekenfilmreeks specially for toddlers (and their parents) with another thuistaal than Dutch is written. Story and text are of the basis of NT2 teacher An Wuyts.


Has the world`s largest test bench UHasselt French

Has the world's largest test bench Uhasselt FrenchThe counter of the world's largest test bench French is almost 10,000. Ten thousand: these are on the French language.

In the center of Applied Linguistics (CTL, Diepenbeek) of the University Hasselt they keep the counter undoubtedly accurately in the holes. The massive bench French is full of ...: these are of course. But the test bench is an equally large oefeningenbank simultaneously. Add to that the online multimedia dictionary, the feedback online and of course, the solutions of the exercises and you get a full e-learningplatform to French to learn. All of this must still exercises on the French communicative culture be added. We know a unique.


UA Taaldag has 35 aimed at for language teachers

UA Taaldag 2014 on saturday februaryThe annual UA Taaldag this year on saturday, February 8 in Antwerp. The UA Taaldag is a seminar for language teachers (Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish), an initiative of the sections of the Center Training Education modern languages (CNO) of the University of Antwerp (UA). What's on?


VAT exemption on language teaching from September 1, 2014 only for asbls

VAT exemption on language training  from 1 january only for non-profit organizationsFrom september 1, 2014 the vat exemption on language teaching only applies for non-profit institutions.

A storm in a glass of water? Or a quake on the horizon? Opinions vary. In any case, the new article 44, PARA. 2, 4° will not remain without consequences for the market of language teaching. The market now has 9 months to adapt.

What does the new playing field look like? What are the new rules? And what are the possible consequences for you? A thorough analysis.


Europe buys for 12 to 25 million and onlinebeoordeling onlinetaalcursussen

Europe buys for 12 to 25 million and onlinebeoordeling onlinetaalcursussenThe European Commission wants a framework agreement with one or two suppliers for the supply of a centralized online escrow service for the assessment, monitoring and support of linguistic skills.


Anywhere Language (taalexpo)

Language EverywhereStill runs until 20 december in Atlas, the urban center for diversity and integration of the city of Antwerp, the taaltentoonstelling Language everywhere. This expo shows the world of the Dutch language. She explains why Dutch learning is important and how a language learning.


Brussels launches Brulingua

Brussels launches BrulinguaBrulingua was launched last week to help unemployed inhabitants of Brussels to improve their language knowledge. Brulingua is an e-learningplatform for Dutch, French, English and German. It is an initiative of the Brussels regional government and the Brussels employment services Actiris in the framework of the New Deal recovery plan.

Altissia International (Louvain-la-Neuve), that developed Wallangues two years ago for the Walloon Region, is providing the learning platform, the content and the entire management of the platform.


Without taalinzicht no studiesucces, not even in science

No studiesucces without taalinzicht'Good language skills is a necessary condition to succeed in higher education, also in the exact sciences.' That said professor Lieve The keeper of the Leuven Institute for Live Languages (ILT) tuesday in the morning course Hautekiet on Radio 1.

But what happens to those who already have with first a poor academic language skills to the start is fixed? The Linguistic Sector was looking for it.


House of the Dutch Brussels is celebrating the 10TH anniversary of Night of the ambition

The House of the Dutch Brussels celebrates its 10th anniversaryOn 18 October, the House of the Dutch Brussels ten years. They celebrate that day with an Open House, a night of the ambition and a rave.
For the House of the Dutch it is clear: Brussels perhaps wilfully misunderstanding multilingual, and is considering more and more to Dutch. Public and partners of the House are invited to celebrate.


For taalleerkrachten Seminar in hospitality, tourism and hotel management

For taalleerkrachten seminar in hospitality, tourism and hotel managementLinguapolis, institute for language and communication of the University of Antwerp, organize a seminar for taalleerkrachten thursday, October 10 in hospitality, tourism and hotel management.


ElaN saves the tents in The Netherlands

ElaN saves the tents in The NetherlandsTaalleverancier ElaN Languages ( Heusden-Zolder ) also recently active in the Netherlands. André le Fèvre goes from his home Heemskerk (near Amsterdam) the Dutch market develop. Also in The Netherlands advertises itself Impetus as one-stop supplier of language services. Custom Taaltrainingen, business focused and specialized translation freelancing are the main pillars.


Antwerp CALL of 7 to July 9, 2014

CALL Antwerp from 7 to July 9, 2014From 7 to July 9, 2014 in Antwerp a new edition of Antwerp CALL place. It is the 16th edition of the international Research Conference CALL.


Schrijfprijs Nt2 for best here-feel-i-me-thuisverhaal

Magazine lesson Schrijfprijs Nt2 teerhuisI feel at home here. That is the theme for the Schrijfprijs Nt2, the prize for the best story or poem by the hand of a NT2 leerder in Flanders and The Netherlands. The Schrijfprijs Nt2 is an organization of the Dutch Foundation Les.


Deputy educational director (vacancy)

CLL searches for a deputy educational director.


CERAN connects his image to Belgian hockey

CERAN connects his image to belgian hockey

According to CERAN (Spa), a specialist in intensive residential language training, the Belgian hockey players on earth a positive image and strong values. They can now on linguistic training at CERAN.

'In these times in which more and more attention is paid to Corporate Social Responsibility, the CERAN Group decided to lend support to the Royal Belgian Hockey Bond by exclusive partner for the language training in the context of all the Belgian activities.'


New Life, a soap for laaggeletterde Estonian speakers

New Life, a soap for literacy trainingLast week, the Flemish support center for adult education (Vocvo, Mechelen) during a promotiedag in Brussels a remarkable new audiovisual NT2 curriculum to the public for: 'New Life', a soap for laaggeletterde Estonian speakers.


Team Leader NT2 (vacancy)

Looking for a team leader confirming their Early Waas & Dender NT2.


The new work and the new learning according to ElaN

The new work and the new learning according to ElaNOn friday, June 28 organises ElaN Languages ( Heusden-Zolder ) in the Belgian Center for Comic Strip Art in Brussels a kennismakingsdag. The aim is to introduce the new language services of impetus. To match the so-called 'new work' and the 'new learning'. Flemish despite reassurances Pascal Smet comes to speak about the new learning and senior director Frank Of Massenhove of FOD Social Security comes to speak about the new work.


Peter Schoenaerts and Andrea Croonenberghs bring cd with NT2 songs from

Peter Schoenaerts and Andrea Croonenberghs bring cd with NT2 songs fromActor and NT2 leermiddelenexpert Peter Schoenaerts and actress Andrea Croonenberghs together have a cd delivered with songs for whom Dutch shows: Who Are You?


Project Manager (vacancy)

Lerian-Nti Languages has a vacancy for a project manager.


E-Foenk Your Language avec Le Soir presented by Impetus

E-Foenk Your Language avec Le Soir presented by ImpetusWim Vanschooren, ceo of talenbedrijf ElaN Languages ( Heusden-Zolder ): 'Other e-learningplatformen rather restrict to grammar and woordenschatoefeningen. We go a step further. Thanks to e-Foenk Your Language avec Le Soir you learn a language on the basis of actual content. The editors of Le Soir delivers the articles, Impetus is there teaching material of fun in different languages.'
ElaN and Le Soir have an exclusive partnership closed around the online learning platform for finding e-Foenk Your Language avec Le Soir.


Dramatic expression in the NT2 class (workshop)

Dramatic expression in the NT2 classLanguage and toneelspelletjes, expressieopdrachten, imaginative and creative activities for fun in the group to ensure and safe are to repeat vocabulary and intonation, to judgment to work or to learn to communicate better. This is the avondworkshop which leermiddelenexpert Peter Schoenaerts on thursday, May 30 to the Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussels guides.


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